Moore’s Ford Mass Lynching of 1946: Mortician = Medical Examiner?

1946 court order

I’ve been reading through the GBI case summary that was closed in August 2014.  This image is of a July 1946 court order to have Dan “D.W.” Young, a mortician, perform autopsies on the victims.

I know this is 2019 vs 1946, but I don’t think a mortician has EVER been qualified to do autopsies.  Were there no medical examiners in Walton County at that time, or did the racists in power feel that the victims were not worth wasting their resources on?  It’s painfully obvious that the “powers that be” did not even try to hide the fact that this case, the slaughter of four black human beings, meant absolutely nothing to them.  It is also highly likely that these “powers that be” were part of the armed mob that night.

The case summary reports that in 2000, investigators met with Rogers Young, a relative of the now deceased (1989) Dan Young.  Rogers recalled autopsy photos being taken, but was unsure of where they were located.

Excerpt from GBI case summary regarding Rogers Young.

Whether or not the photographs were found has not yet been read in the summary.