Question of Maternity

The possibility of George Askew having children with someone other than Harriet Berry was brought to my attention.  The evidence?  The death certificate of Bird Askew, the oldest son of what we (family members and myself) thought was from the union of George and Harriet based on what was documented on the 1880 Federal Census.

The death certificate does indeed document the deceased as Bird Askew (Ascue) and shows a George Askew (Ascue) as the father.  The mother’s name, however, is one that I do not recognize.  Who is Arlie, and how many children did she have with George?

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A Second Look: Chronology of Robert Lee Terrell, Sr.

I’m diving deeper into the rabbit hole by adding my maternal great-grandfather to my A Second Look project.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for puzzles, problem solving, and investigating!  A journey like this one practically demands it.  Whenever I discover something new, I feel like I’ve hit a ridiculously enormous lottery jackpot.

I’ve decided to start with creating a timeline or chronology, as it seems to be most commonly called.

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Robert Lee Terrell, Sr.

In the midst of my Second Look project, I realized that my maternal grandfather’s history has been totally ignored.  So, I took a pause from my intensive Askew research to focus on the lineage of my maternal grandfather, David Terrell, Sr.

The name of my great-grandfather, Robert Terrell was proven with the 1930 and 1940 United States Federal Census.  His full name, Robert Lee Terrell, Sr. was found in the U.S Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection.  Great for a start, but I still needed to find the names of his parents.

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