A Second Look: Lish Askew and the Mysterious Mary

When you go digging, sometimes you can unearth the unexpected.  I was NOT expecting this find.

I’ve decided to not only take a second look at George Askew, but everyone that I have in my family tree so far.  I know it is going to be a long process.  However, researching history has no finish line.  There will always be a new discovery as new information becomes available.  When I leave this Earth, I’m sure someone out there will pick up wherever I leave off.

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I Heard a Rumor…

Rumors and speculation have always been the most regular and sometimes most humorous events of visits with family.  If you come from a large one, you’re almost guaranteed at some point to hear the prompt, “Well, I heard…” or “There was talk…” and my favorite, “Folks was sayin’…”  As a child, whenever I heard anyone of those three phrases, my ears would stand up like antennae.  Even if I had no idea what they were talking about (old folks liked to speak in code back in the day), I knew it was something I wasn’t supposed to hear; which meant it was forbidden, and forbidden meant juicy gossip!

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