Project Roots: Askew – 1930 U.S. Federal Census

1930 U.S. Federal Census – Georgia, Fulton, Atlanta, District 0137
Sheet No. 28B – Enumerated on 14 April 1930
Eden SE – X marks the house number

In April of 1930, my grandfather, Lish Askew and his first wife, Mary (MNU) were living on Eden SE. No house number was recorded.

One of my biggest pet peeves when researching documents is incomplete addresses, or the lack of addresses documented for my ancestors. In any event, I took to the city directory of Atlanta, Georgia in 1930 to see what I could find.

The city directory has Lish and Mary residing on Delaware Avenue. The conflicting information left me confused, so I turned to Google Maps.

Google Maps shows that Delaware Avenue SE and Eden Avenue SE intersect. I deduced that in 1930, there was likely once a home that sat on the corner of Delaware and Eden, and it was solely left up to the discretion of the census enumerator or the city directory employee as to how to document the location of the home visit.

Information not included in the transcript:

  • Lish and Mary paid $3/month for rent.
  • Lish’s age at first marriage is documented as 18, while Mary’s age at first married is documented at 20, making it highly likely that her marriage to Lish was not her first. Basic math indicates that Lish and Mary had been married for about two years at the time of enumeration.