Project Roots

Project Roots

A Second Look has morphed into a brand new animal.  It seems the more I review the research that I’d started back in 2008, the more I discover.  Not only regarding my ancestors, but their place(s) in history, and those that they came into contact with.

Genealogy research is a big deal.  It can be time consuming and quite overwhelming if you don’t pace yourself.  With so much new information being discovered with basically every breath I take, I’ve decided to table A Second Look and launch Project Roots.

Project Roots will be an ambitious task that involves researching and documenting the history of all direct and indirect ancestors, starting with the 1940 U.S. Federal Census and working backward as far as the paper trail will take me. I get breathless just thinking about it because I know a few of my ancestors had at least 12 children.  Notice, I said “at least.”  There may actually be more!

I’ve decided to kick off Project Roots with Askew, the paternal side of my family tree, and the last name of my grandfather, Lish.

There are a plethora of sites now that give access to various records and documents used in researching family history.  For that reason, I’ll refrain from including images, unless absolutely necessary.  The most important information will be transcribed, followed by a detailed narrative.  Page numbers, sheet numbers, and the numbers of whatever else will also be referenced.

This will probably keep me busy for the rest of my life.  So, let’s get at it!

PS:  I love doing my research with background music.  Nujabes and DJ Okawari are my go-to composers.  Right now, Horizon by Nujabes is on repeat.  This instrumental really soothes me and helps me stay focused.