A Second Look: Josiah Askew – 1830 United States Federal Census

My “A Second Look” project is still ongoing.  My focus has now moved from my paternal grandfather, Lish Askew, to Josiah Askew II.

On the 1830 United States Federal Census, Josiah II (located 12th from the top) was recorded during enumeration as having two slaves: one male and one female, both under the age of 10.  This means both slaves were born between 1820 and 1830.  Taking an educated guess, the male slave could be either George (born ~1826) or Jack (born ~1829).  Which one could it be?  Also, my initial instinct was to assume the female slave was Ailsey, but that cannot be possible since Ailsey was not born until ~1834.

A very important ancestor is missing from this enumeration.  Lida, where is she?