It’s me, and I’m back!


Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post.  From December 2019 to December 2021, I’ve had two major surgeries, with what seemed like a barrage of steroid injections in between.  Add in some physical therapy, and it’s a recipe for discomfort and chaos.  I’d lost my drive, and desire to pursue any research.  Not to mention, it was difficult to find the time.  I was seriously ready to throw in the towel.  As a matter of fact, part of me actually had thrown in the towel.

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Inside My Head…

I’ve had a theory, or perhaps a “What if…” floating around inside my head for some time now.  I find it incredibly odd that after almost 12 years of research, the mother of Josiah Askew II, and wife of Josiah Askew I, is still unknown.  Josiah’s paternal ancestors and their wives can be traced all the way back to settling in Jamestown, Virginia and beyond.  However, this one woman, who bore him nine children, cannot be found in any documentation.

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