Josiah Askew: 1810 United States Federal Census

The 6th line from the bottom is Josiah Askew, Sr.:

Josiah Askew, Sr. is recorded as living in Farmers District, Edgecombe, North Carolina. In the home is one free, white male under the age of 10; one free, white male between the ages of 10 thru 15; two free, white males, between the ages of 16 thru 25; one free, white male aged 45 or older; one free, white female between the ages of 10 thru 15; one free, white female aged 45 or older; and six slaves (age and gender not specified).

Josiah Askew, Jr. married Nancy Jernigan in 1803.  At the time of this enumeration, Josiah Askew, Jr.  was likely living in Putnam County, Georgia.

The elder Josiah owned one less slave than he did in 1800.  Did one of the slaves die?  Was he/she sold?

Josiah, Sr. died eight years after this enumeration.