Inside My Head…

I’ve had a theory, or perhaps a “What if…” floating around inside my head for some time now.  I find it incredibly odd that after almost 12 years of research, the mother of Josiah Askew II, and wife of Josiah Askew I, is still unknown.  Josiah’s paternal ancestors and their wives can be traced all the way back to settling in Jamestown, Virginia and beyond.  However, this one woman, who bore him nine children, cannot be found in any documentation.

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A Second Look: Lish Askew and the Mysterious Mary

When you go digging, sometimes you can unearth the unexpected.  I was NOT expecting this find.

I’ve decided to not only take a second look at George Askew, but everyone that I have in my family tree so far.  I know it is going to be a long process.  However, researching history has no finish line.  There will always be a new discovery as new information becomes available.  When I leave this Earth, I’m sure someone out there will pick up wherever I leave off.

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One Negro Woman

In elementary school, I learned about slavery.  It was sugar-coated content.  It wasn’t until the age of 15, when Roots (from 1977) was being rebroadcast on TBS that I actually learned of the true atrocities of this practice.  Thank you, Alex Haley!

Thirty-four years later, knowing even more of the brutal nature of slavery, I still felt completely gobsmacked after coming face to face with the physical evidence of my ancestry.

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