George Askew: 1860 United States Federal Census – Slave Schedules

George Askew

Slave schedules are tough to decipher when the ancestor you’re trying to find is the one that’s enslaved.  It helps tremendously when you know who the owner is.  In this case, it’s Nancy Askew, the widow of Josiah Askew Jr.

Unfortunately, the names of the enslaved are not documented and one just kind of has to hope and pray that the ages of the enslaved match (or at least come close) to estimated dates recorded on future census records.

On page seven, in this slave schedule for Henry County, Georgia, lines 19-23 record a total of five enslaved people that are the property of Nancy (Jernigan) Askew.  From this I have made the assumptions or deduced that 1) the 60 year old, Black, female is Lida, my paternal 3rd great-grandmother.  2) the 34 year old, unnamed, mulatto male slave is my paternal 2nd great-grandfather, George Askew.  3) the 31 year old, unnamed, mulatto male slave is George’s brother, Jackson (also seen as Jack) Askew, and 4) the 16 year old, unnamed, mulatto female in George’s sister, Eilsey (also seen as Ailsey).

I do not know who the three year old, unnamed, mulatto male could be.  I have wondered if he could be the child of George or Jackson.  I’ve also cringed at the thought that he may be the child of Eilsey.  Considering what is known about the history of slavery, it’s not impossible or improbable.  Hopefully, more research and time will reveal his identity.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Ron Peavey. My wife descends from Josiah Askew’s brother, Uriah. Those two brothers married Jernigan sisters. Me, being somewhat a genealogy nut, had been researching her family, when she began receiving emails from people who matched her DNA. Ironically, at the time, I had been wondering why Nancy (Jernigan);Askew, In the 1860 Slave Schedule, was listed with the people listed. It made no sense to me…..until my wife received those emails from her DNA matches. I had exchanged several emails with the two woman, before we all realized that my wife and I were white, her two matches, African American. That was about two or three years ago.
    Since then, I have researched both sides of the family….and know quite a bit about it. Honestly, in my opinion, you would have to research both slave side and slave holder side, to fully understand things that would easily be missed by focusing only on one side of the other.
    That said, I have a lot of info.,…and a few theories…..on your family. I think you’d be interested….and I would love to share it.
    Email me.

    You have a nice page here. I did something similar on my great grandmothers family (Acadians….from New Brunswick, NB. You can check it out on FB….if you Google “Gaspard and Philomene LeBlanc descendants page”. Started that with a few pictures and a few handed down stories. I was raised in their house. Took 2 and half years to track down descendent of my great grandmothers 17 brothers and sisters….but managed to put together a 71 page book. I’ve spent almost that long on Elsie Askew and Moses Moseley. As you know, George was her older brother.

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